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Attract New Business

A web site is a storefront, on a much larger and prominent scale. An attractive website conveys legitimacy to potential customers or clients.

Save You Money

We are a service that specializes in smaller businesses in the Bartlesville and Tulsa areas. Tailored for those who are on a budget.

Save You Time

Yes, there are services to help you create your own website.  But, time is valuable, and Web-Bville gives you the option not to invest in it personally. Let us create or recreate your site so you don’t have to.


A web site is essential in running not only a successful business, but a findable one. It is the face of your business, and your home on the web. In the age of information and social media, you can’t afford to be homeless on the web. People no longer go storefront right away when they are searching for particular goods and services. They look it up online first to compare multiple businesses and what they offer, then quickly find their information. Some businesses have a web presence through outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, but it’s hard to communicate professionalism and legitimacy without a unique and expressive home base to link them to. That is a major factor that potential customers and clients consider in looking for a business. So you need a web site… or a newer website.

Do you have the time and resources to make one yourself? Will you be expected to know all about design and marketing in order to be able to compete with other businesses? Do you not have the budget to go out and hire a design firm? Web-bville can be your answer for all of these questions. Whether you’re trying to jump-start a new business or you wish to rejuvinate your old one; we will build you an informative, beautiful web site that fits your business needs and appeals to all demographics. Maximizing SEO (search engine optimization) we will also prioritize your new site among your competitors in search engines such as Google or Bing. Every business has a home on the web.

Find your home. Spin your web.


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